We are getting better at climbing rock.

Woodrow Climbing Big Cottonwood Canyon Utah

May 08, 2019

Another great time outside. The approach to the crag was a bit more drawn out due to high run off of the river but was not at all difficult. It offered great views.

Woodrow Climbing Rock Climbing Utah Big Cottonwood Canyon

We climbed a 5.6, 5.7 and 5.8. While the 5.8 was done on top rope the others were lead climbs. The location is called 'the Slips' in Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah.

The quartzite that is found throughout the canyon offers superb conditions on crimping and gripping. Trusting small holds and pockets is a must.

We were absolutely stoked to get outside and climb again. While we are not at the level we would like to be it offered a great experience to burn out the arms and legs and gain confidence and experience.

Check out the video. Note the background noise. Who doesn't like to hear the sounds of the city when in the mountains?

Suggestion: Listen to your favorite song in the background while watching.

Special thanks to Dan for climbing in the video and to Jake for belaying. Can't wait to get out again.