The Conspectus 5/19/19

Woodrow Rock Climbing Blog Apparel

May 19, 2019

A great week of climbing! Cesar is fast approaching his goal of lead climbing when we hit the crag! He was able to pull off his first pink point, a term not frequently used in climber jargon, where the draws were already set taking out one crucial step in the process. He clipped the rope successfully on each draw. And we got a photo of it....

woodrow rock climbing blog apparel

Dave was able to lead 'Hollow Man', a favorite 5.9 in which we made a shirt to honor the route. The lead didn't come without a struggle and it has been realized that better health, fitness and mindset are needed to make the improvements desired in our rock climbing. Regardless, it was a beautiful day with friends in the outdoors doing something we love. It truly makes us happy.

Check out the video we did. It features the route mentioned above. Hugo, a friend and Woodrow patron is the main climber featured with glimpses of Dan, Tory and Cesar.