Climbing in Maple Canyon

Rock Climbing Maple Canyon Utah

June 10, 2019

How do you like your pancakes? 

......with a little maple on them.

Climbing Maple Canyon Utah

Here we have Cesar (you can see him in the green shirt on the right) climbing on 'Orangutan Wall', one of the premier and popular spots in maple canyon, especially for those at more of a beginners us. You can witness the popularity in the photo. Good set of climbs from 5.7-5.9 whose names all revolve around primates.

There are plenty of climbs for all ranges and difficulties. Start in the 'schoolroom' where it is shaded and cool. Or a short walk up from there on 'Roadkill Wall' where there is plenty of opportunity to get on the maple cobbles. These areas are easily accessed from the road and, therefore, will be highly popular and crowded. If you're an early riser you could beat the crowds.

If you are looking for harder routes, head up to 'pipedream' where there are fixed routes in the 5.10-5.13 ranges. Another great place to go. All we did was hike there as those routes are currently out of our range of expertise. Soon....

If you haven't had the chance to climb the cobblestone of maple canyon, it is well worth the trip. But be careful on many of the climbs as the rock will sometimes break off from your crimp or your toe hold. It happens more frequently on some of the less popular routes and less so on the more popular routes. 

                                                             Climbing Maple Canyon Utah

The campsites are great with the ability to drive up, for most of them. A few walk in spaces are also available. And if you are looking to save money and have a 4x4 then keep going up the road past the last camp site and eventually you will come to a flat that is BLM land where you can camp for free (minus the taxes you already pay for its upkeep). 

Don't forget to bring friends.....

            Friends Climbing Maple Canyon Utah